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A useful pro tip here is that you can use multi-word phrases as your keywords, and every word counts. So for example, my sub-categories include options like Dark, Disturbing, Noir. My books tick all those boxes, so I could use three keywords to scoop up those terms … or, much better, I could have “Dark Disturbing Noir” as one keyword, and keep my powder dry. For newer authors, it’s better to target rather more niche lists – in my case, “International Mystery & Crime” is more niche than “Fiction & Crime”.

Unpredictable book sales and a market where publishers acted as gatekeepers to the writer’s audience presented big challenges for many creatives. Being listed with a distributor does not guarantee that anyone will buy your book. While both IngramSpark and KDP distribute to thousands of libraries, along with online and brick-and-mortar retailers, in most cases distribution does not happen automatically. Retailers and libraries need to know they can order your book (or indeed, that your book even exists in the first place!).

Take your time going through each page and making note of any edits you want to make to your manuscript. KDP will let you upload your own cover or use their cover creator. Initially, I tried to upload my cover as a PDF, but the system was shooting back too many errors.

An unusual question came in through my blog about unpublishing a book on Kindle Direct Publishing for the purpose of republishing it. Apparently, the author was pleased with early returns on the first publishing of the book but saw the inevitable drop off in sales over time (I’ve called it the waterfall sales cycle for books). So, the thought was to pull it down then put it up for sale again, with the hope of experiencing another spike in sales. This is your readers’ first real taste of your book’s content, like the blurb on the back cover of a printed book.

An XML feed needs to be supplied for the magazine itself, providing 100 percent of the magazine’s content in RSS 2.0, NITF or XHTML format. We’ve already touched royalties and what you stand to make from the sale of each book. As a general rule, you will earn more from the 70% royalty option. Of course, when self-publishing, authors perform the heavy lifting of marketing their books themselves. But at least KDP allows you a platform to have your work discovered. If you want to manage audio rights yourself and reach all the various audiobook platforms, then you can use, which is open to authors in all countries.

You hand it to a competent person.Boof, you get back a design that’s going to be anywhere from good to excellent. And just to be clear, although a good chunk of my author earnings come from traditional publishing, the money I earn from self-publishing my work in North America alone is excellent. In 2017, I earned $100,000 from just six e-books. For this reason, I recommend that you enlist the help of a book-marketing professional to help you uncover the keywords that make the most sense for your niche.

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Should You Self-Publish Your Book?.

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Ebooks published with Kobo are available to readers in over 190 countries. It also runs the Kobo eReading Program with the American Booksellers Association, and member bookstores can give their customers access to Kobo’s 5 million+ titles. Kobo also has partnerships with e-book retailers around the world. Formerly known as NOOK Press, this is a self-publishing portal from Barnes & Noble. It accounts for 3% of ebook sales, almost all of it from the US.

If you intend your book for a younger audience, you need to select Juvenile as one of your BISAC categories and then enter the appropriate age range. Especially if your book crosses genres, think about which categories your book best fits and where it will attract its target audience. KDP allows you to select two categories based on the Book Industry Standards and Communications code. Effectively, your KDP book description is the digital inside flap or back cover of your book. However, depending on the royalty plan you select, you may be locked into a specific price structure. This was the very first planner that I self-published and it was so much fun to create!

Now that this disclaimer is out there, Facebook ads can be incredibly effective. You can identify the demographic you are interested in reaching. Facebook will then line the feeds of those people that fall in your demographic. Yes, so long as you retained the rights to your book.

Make sure that your chapter names are informative. It will give your reader a sense of how your work is structured. Look at successful ebooks and model your style on them. Figure out what your genre is and then look at the best-sellers in that genre. Figure out what their formula for success is.

I made websites, I ran traffic campaigns, and I even sold on FBA like a lot of you! I even tried out Teespring and had zero success because I was not sure what I was doing. Congrats on publishing your books, hope they are doing well. According to Harrison-Sund, the goal is “to create a book you know people are already searching for.”

I started an additional campaign with 1,000 more keywords. I wrote a total of 30 posts for 30 days on Medium to promote the book, and this added 150 more sales during the first month of my launch. See, I don’t think you’re “too lazy to succeed” or “mediocre.” Life sucks sometimes, and we’re all doing what we can to cope with it. I wrote this book to share ideas to inspire you to change, not to shove inspiration down your throat. I’m setting the price so low because I want you to read the book. At this point, I care about getting the book in as many hands as possible over making money.

There are no restrictions other than KDP minimum price. If you want, you can also offer your eBook for free on any other platform. You can run a week-long drop that will see your book promoted in the Kindle store using Kindle Countdown Deals. You will have the option to keep your old ISBN or use a new one. Depending on the level of updating, you may wish to retire the old ISBN and release the new version with a brand new title and new ISBN. Most likely, you will end up with a mass of text to comb through and arrange in a way that makes it easy to read.

Certainly for many authors that I speak to having access to those regions through subscription has been a great opportunity over the last year or so in particular. We also offer feedback to KDP on matters of policy or process that are raising concern in the indie author community. Member input is valuable to us since it helps us gather important information about authors’ issues. We did have some specific technical problems earlier in the year.

Some authors have enough books to rotate in and out. But I really like the idea of coming in for a short period of time, making all the money you can from all those KU readers and then leaving. No single author can generate that volume of content for them to read.

I appreciate you providing this so it can help the readers understand better on how the borrowing system works. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. Yes hyperlinks work very well and it is actually a great feature so you can be resourceful to your readers. Either take the time to master the tools and skills necessary to successfully format an eBook, or pay a professional to do that work for you so you can focus on other tasks. 2) The “Define your target audience” section is helpful.

Whether you’re putting in the work yourself or hiring a book marketing expert, it requires careful planning to successfully execute a marketing campaign. The cost to upload a print and ebook at the same time with IngramSpark is $49. If you don’t want to upload both formats, a print book costs $49 to upload alone, and an ebook is $25 when uploaded alone.

One of the greatest feelings on earth one can experience is to join the ranks of published authors. Once your book is published you join the ranks of the immortals. You begin to rub shoulders with legends like Homer, Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, Frederick Douglass, Virginia Woolf, Tom Peters, Peter Drucker, to mention just seven.

  • If you have a small budget for a cover, check out 99 Designs or Crowdspring.
  • You’d love for your work to be loved by everyone, but that just doesn’t happen with art – and even non-fiction books are art.
  • Once you have an account, you’ll create a file for your book, which you’ll need to be able to format in one of Kindle’s supported formats.

If despite receiving rejection letters from traditional publishing companies, you honestly and truly believe that you have a good book, you should consider self-publishing your book. With Kindle Create you can create a professional quality book with a professionally designed theme with chapter titles, drop caps and image placement options. If you see a cover you like, check the inside flap to see who is credited.

The pricing is different, depending on both the market and print costs. I can’t stress enough how important it is to think through every aspect of your book’s marketing before you publish. That goes beyond your book’s cover, layout, pricing, and marketing plan. Choose “Save as Draft” until you’re ready to choose a publishing date and launch your book. Even something as simple as the cover font can ruin your cover if you don’t know what you’re doing. Like it or not, this is 100% true, and there’s a ton of marketing research to back it up.

Contact them directly to find out what they need you to do. However, keep in mind that for some Kindle readers, it is only black and white, meaning that the buyers wouldn’t be able to see it in colour. No, but there is to being eligible to get a tax number.

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The Surprisingly Big Business of Library E-books.

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Readers who nominated the book on the final day of its campaign are given a free copy of the e-book when it is published. Yes, I agree that a lot of self-published authors don’t sell many books on distribution channels. However, after self-published authors publish their books to either of these aggregators, they seem to expect that their ebooks will instantly start selling as if by some kind of magic. Sell a $2.99 e-book (at that higher 70% royalty rate) and you make $2.09, so you have to sell 6 times as many of the cheaper books to make as much. That’s sort of obvious, but it’s common to see self-published books where the images look like stock images from some free or low-cost image library. And they don’t look bad, exactly, they just look like stock images.

Thank you for a well-written and well-formatted post. I’ve tried to scan all 182 comments and answers (!) but forgive me if this has already been addressed… I’m going to publish with KDP then opt-out @ 90 days so I can sell via my own site. I believe Word play better than Pages with KDP due to conversion issues to .mobi. My content will consist of stories, photographs and recipes – so I anticipate formatting nightmares. As for the second part of your comment, it’s a process.

I mean, after all, he wasn’t selling any copies in Japan, and nor did he have any plans to translate his book. You may come across authors who believe that self-publishing is a waste of time because they believe the shill of traditional publishers who are losing money due to the growth of self-publishing. Once you finish your pop-ups, go into ‘File’ and hit ‘Download for Publishing’. Once you download for publishing, you will use that MOBI file to upload into KDP.

If you can’t write more than 1,500 words per day, then this path might be difficult for you. To publish directly on iBooks, you must have a Mac device; else you will have to go through an ebook aggregator. You can only pick two categories when uploading – from a rather limited menu.

Do authors get paid for free Kindle books?

Authors whose titles are part of the Kindle Unlimited library are not paid by “purchase” or by “download”, instead they are paid by the total number of pages read in any given month. The payout for pages read has been around just under 1/2 a cent per page ($0.00488 per page to be exact) for over a year now.

Books published with Barnes & Noble Press retail only at their online and physical bookstores. But those reassurances don’t make the prospect of marketing any less daunting to most authors. I have a marketing background and used to work for a tech giant – which is quite the twofer given the skills you need as a self-publisher these days. However, I understand how incomprehensible digital marketing can seem to many writers.

Bleed refers to the edge of the printed area. Some manuscript pages go into the bleed deliberately. If yours does, your manuscript must be uploaded in PDF format, not Word (.doc or .docx). Build your book from scratch with a range of trim sizes, cover styles and finishes, bindings, paper stock options, and print types. If you price your book higher or lower than that suggested range ($2.99-$9.99), you keep 35% of all sales in all countries.

As a part of his job, Simon is required to visit the school regularly and hold several creative writing sessions in which the students participate to showcase their writing talents. Changing Kindle format to PDF has never been more straightforward. It’s so easy as uploading the file and then downloading it again once converted.

Send an emailto your mailing list to tell them your book is now available for sale. I also moved on from Facebook.I use Instafreebiemyself, and it’s worked very well for me. And I’m not going to tell you how to use that site here, because I’ve already told you in detail in thisblog post right here.

It comes with easy segmentation features that let you promote your book in a more targeted way. I highly recommend it, but any of these platforms will work. The more keywords you have, the more opportunity for new sales.

Inform the reader instantlywhat kind of bookit is. Getting nice comments from your beta-readers is not enough, because – scary truth – everyone gets nice comments from their beta-readers, so do things properly. No one will buy your book if it’s too expensive. The same basic principles underlie the success of thousands of other indie authors. Once you’re logged in, click on your Account tab. Under “Author/Publisher Information” enter your personal information including your country of residence, your full name and your postal address.

“To spread the word about their work, an author must communicate and build relationships with readers, bloggers, fellow authors and marketing teams,” says Manvya V Kasi. “Once the story is ready, the author can hire an editor and a cover maker before self-publishing her book. Whether it’s your book launch party or an author reading, events are a great way to connect with readers in your community.

To prevent this, you need to format and save your book as a Kindle-friendly book file like .epub or .mobi format. This way it will look good on every Kindle device. I filled out the questionnaire, gave the designer my directions, and submitted samples of covers I liked. Remember, almost anyone can publish on the Kindle platform, so any edge up on the competition is money well spent. Your main title should be punchy and memorable. It should hint at the book’s topic, and it should resonate with your audience.