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I am looking for an individual with more than 3-4 years of experience in Data Analyst position to help me with the doubts I have at work. It would be great if you could make some suggestions on how to improve. Should be available once a day, we can find a time feasible for the both of us.

We want to build out our search criteria whereby you can search by i.e. location and filter by surfing mandates or go anywhere and search by wave type etc. We will need to build in payment options etc for bookings. Good afternoon, we are interested in finding a professional nutritionist that could help us to start our business which is based on pre-workout/post-workout food. We know what our dietary product is based on and we are looking for someone to conduct a 1 to 1 session in order to create a successful equilibrate natural product. Our business is just about to start a new journey in preparing a natural dietary food and share a heathy life concept. In the same way, I have noticed that when I send a PUSH, the load on the server also goes up a lot, and I have to change some of the php config in plesk so that it works well for at least a while.

We’re looking for a programmer to assist our CTO in cleaning up our current code, and adding several more features. We intend to first pay by the hour so both parties can fully understand the scope of the project, then evolve to a mutually-agreed price per project. 1.I’m looking for experienced flutter developers who have good knowledge in a flutter framework and dart language. Have MAC to push the app on the app store and play store.

This is what I have so far and it doesn’t seem to work. I need someone to do it before the due date of my project. Let’s suppose need to install Ludo application in mobile. And same process I don’t want to apply, like go and click to install. I want this in advance like make a software or web to install app automatically by putting Mobile number or email. Phone location is anywhere does not matter.

Please produce production-quality code, providing tests and comments where necessary. Provide all source code, ideally in a zip file / tarball so that it can be checked out and built. Please do not share or upload the code anywhere else (e.g. Github). Provide a brief README file with instructions on how to build/run your program (and tests… The candidate for this position will be able to work with minimal oversight, and will produce screens that are engaging, impactful and have some nice opportunities for animations to be applied. There are several concepts such as the user’s profile, friends, messaging, directory searching, product detail screens, classified ads, and a food items database that need to be designed.

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website design packages due to an environmenterror

● Expertise in LAMP, XAMP-based Applications. ● Strong development experience in PHP. ● Good command of working with web services and database design. ● Knowledge of Software Configuration Management tools such as GIT and SVN. ● Ability to work well independently with minimal direction.

Streaming a file from server to client with socket io

Any help to make them sound better would be great, they just still need to be able to be layered over top of each other at the end. They are all the correct length and timings, and need to be put back against the video, to match mouth movements. – I’ve already cut them, so certain vocals will go silent at certain points. – I’ve left some blank time at the front to serve as a sample of the background noise for each recording. Looking for someone to help us build something that can work within our squarespace site setup (iframe/Java etc).

I’ve made the website by myself but it’s not professional. I have a 1.6 Mb Tif file letter-head and I need it converted into a Microsoft Word format. It is a high quality image with our logo at the top right and or contact details at the bottom. I need it converted into a Microsoft Word Template so that staff can type into it then print/email it and have our Logo/Contact info contained in the letter. It needs to be formatted in such a way that the users cannot over-type the Logo or Contact info.

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My client has a MS Access application , which is used by the field sales consultants. The client needs a central DB where the data ist stored, with a WebAPI to exchange the data between clients and server. I need some assistance with the project due to heavy workload.

This error pops up usually when the time and date are different from that of the server. I’m trying to install jupyterthemes package and getting this error. This optional protection is offered to you solely in order to effectuate the shipment of your package.

website design packages due to an environmenterror

I want to build balconies model using Aluminium, steel and concrete balconies as well as balustrades and Juliette balconies. 2 Story addition plans redrawn and 3 d design help Basic engineering knowledge helpful, Removing a load bearing wall and a support beam. My first two productions went fine, no problems but my third project looks fine in the program screen but once you export, it does not fill the screen.

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I need the attached logo created into an .AI fileThe YEAR in the cup can be blank . Traffic stand can give you important information that can ensure your safety and the safety of thoseAround you and awareness of road rules can lower chance of accident. Over 15,0000 people in India are killed every year due to traffic accident.

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I have two sons with my ex Gregory Hicks Jr. He obtained the children by lying in a emergency custody hearing. Because I went to court unrepresented the judge didn’t really listen to me. We have been going through this since 2018.

  • I can get the camera to display in some libraries, most noteably using luvcview, but this has nasty borders and the frame rate is low.
  • Build and maintain the company’s talent pool.
  • Now I can’t modify the DNS and proceed to get my instagram shop.
  • 1 door and 2 windows(1.5mx1.5m each window) The design is for a dried fruit and nuts store, the windows will be designed to be printed on vinyl and put on the windows.
  • Let us discuss further and explore whether we could collaborate.

I already have the enviroment to generate openwrt images and some directories there for different router models with the customization that I need, for models such as tplink4300 and ZBT826 and unifi edgerouter. I need openwrt experienced developer to create the directory for Mikrotik Hap lite and customize it accordinly to the other models files/directories. I know its not much files but I dont know which ones. Required design and programming of a website and application such as Kora website with the same idea. Full features of matches results / live scores / teams pages / players pages / clubs pages / players transfers / news of teams, players and teams, and all the features on the site.

I need to be able to get notified when a deal is posted. Probably would have 40 key words between different bikes and variations of names. I need to be notified within 10 minutes of every single bike in my area posted under 4k with one of the key words. If I could be notified within 1 minute of every posting even better.

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Create original written works, such as scripts, essays, prose, poetry or song lyrics, for publication or performance. • Write fiction or nonfiction prose, such as short stories, ar… I need someone to do walkthrough in UE4 or UE5. This will be ongoing job and need someone to start immediately. I really need help and feel almost defeated at the point.

Each image must be accompanied by the source file (PSD, AI etc..) We are looking for a long term job with payment every Friday for the creations made during the week. We get a lot of requests for each job and we want to let everyone have a chance . If you are interested let’s send a t…

The thing is that the phone is not rooted, to get access to the filesys… If successful, I will need to have many more videos made in future. For each video, I will provide a script of approximately 1,500 words which I presume will equate to 10 minutes of viewing time. For the first video, I require you to provide the voice in English, preferably with a Western accent.

We would also like to see a logo/banner we could use. Since it is second hand we often only have 1of1 items. A customer should be able to have the product in the cart for 15 minutes so that other customers cant click buy on the same product.

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Within this world are simple 2d objects/shapes which persist. Clients can register and connect with the simulation and a 2d shape is created to represent them. The client is only aware of objects within a specific nearby range. In the current scenario there is no such android application that is providing all of these facilities in a single application with large coverage of different hospitals.

This is my first time doing a projec… Excellent collaboration and communication skills. At least 7 year…and communication skills. At least 7 years of experience in Java/J2EE and related technologies with solid understanding of design principles. Experience with front-end technologies such as Angular, TypeScript, ReactJS and related technologies would be a plus. Experience with implementing integration solutions with Microservices, RESTful Web Services and Web APIs.

Can use established WP themes, should use APIs from third party providers along with services listed local from the company. And, of course, at some point the card got corrupted, and it is notread by the phone anymore. The phone works and the card itself works, it can be read by software. But of course the card is fully encrypted and when read externally nothing useful can be done with the card, and my last backup was 2-3 months ago. I see on the internet that I have to extract the encryption key from the phone stored in /data/misc/vold and then mount and decrypt the card to get access to the files. There are nice instructions and it seems easy.

website design packages due to an environmenterror

The app currently is is mainly to add the clothes to be cleaned with type of cleaning, then schedule a pickup date, then pay cash or by local payment gateway. The user can add multiple addresses, login with twitter, facebook ,or gmail, or buy as a guest, check status of delivery. The app is currently on the app store so you can check it.

If you know then only bid for this project. Preview is to show the file in the lwc component, this file is attached in the files section of a particular object. The code is already installed in the website, We just need some one to configure custom events for us to track specific events from the WordPress managed website. It’s an urgent requirement, need to finish task today itself. I want to build a simple and easy online earning or game development app.

website design packages due to an environmenterror

Browse other questions tagged python python-3.x pip or ask your own question. For me it happen due network firewall settings, try to connect to any other network and run the command. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search.

We’re looking for an full time experienced digital marketing assistant to create and help execute a new campaign that responds to the changing business climate due to COVID-19 and beyond. You’ll not only be responsible for our SEO efforts at scale but also develop and execute other organic channels and opportunities. You will align your strategies and other team initiatives with the broader company roadmap and goals, and prioritise them accordingly. For refrence please visit I have attached a gerber file for testing. Dynamic Employee who utilizes creativity to develop, design, and accomplish work that creates good client value.

You must give a GUARANTEE that you will give UNLIMITED REVISIONS OF YOUR WORK, as this GUARANTEE is to seek a genuine and CreativeVietnam WORTHY APPL… The name of the business is “UNITED GAMING”. We would like to sell merchandise as well so something that could also work well on a t-shirt would also be beneficial.

If executing pip with sudo, you may want sudo’s -H flag. The directory ‘/Users/david/Library/Caches/pip/http’ or its parent directory is not owned by the current user and the cache has been disabled. Please check the permissions and owner of that directory. I’m looking expert laravel developer who could bug fix within 2 hours. Here you can see a list of all the dealerships listed by state.

Im looking for reasonable price since ill be needing around art every week. Also you have to be a bit creative sometimes and put your own imagination to the art. Install and configure php 5.1.6 on internal Ubuntu 16.04 LAMP server. Hi Anusha, here is the new project for the file revisions. Use OrCAD to convert binary .brd Allegro file to Allegro .alg file.

Using twitter user’s dataset AND Foursquare for users location. ABSTRACT Social media users generate tremendous amounts of data. To better serve users, it is required to share the user-related data among researchers, advertisers and application developers. Publishing suchdata would raise more concerns on user privacy. To encourage data sharing and mitigate user privacy concerns, a number of anonymization and de-anonymization algorithms have been developed to help protect privacy of social media users.

The guy who drank coca-cola sees people inviting him to join. Still, people are encouraging him to join but he feels shy. Then in the atmosphere of such happiness, the guy hears the sound of a horn. And he comes out of his fiction world and find himself in the m… Poets, Lyricists and Creative Writers needed to work with composers in the music industry to create lyrical poetry to be used for songwriting, poetry and rap.

This portal has files uploaded like pdf or other. Files are download with normal speed on desktops, laptop, iphone etc. But on the Android phone these are really slow. We’re recording a song as a funny gift, and I need 3 vocals to be optimized, so they can be layered on top of each other over a backing track. The 3 singers are not trained, and do not sound very good.