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Such texts describe raw materials and their sources and provide advice for how to make drawings, paintings and sculpture. This guideline is as important as any of the others set out here. Reviewing requires a certain selflessness, not simply because of the invisibility of the task, but because it requires giving of oneself to help an author achieve his or her goals for the manuscript. As one author remarked of Peggy’s suggestions, “she wasn’t trying to sway my decision, but to help me make my own decision.” If I was to use a medical analogy here, I might suggest thinking of the art of manuscript reviewing as more midwifery than reconstructive surgery. Rather than jealously guarding history or particular subfields from interlopers, Peggy’s reviews unfailingly extended a helping hand across disciplinary and subfield CreativeVietnam des. She helped chart what for outsiders were uncharted waters including sharing standards of evidence and answering historiographic and research questions.

STS also seeks to enhance the accessibility and active use of scientific and technical information. The section publishes the electronic journal Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship . A special edition of a serial publication, issued specifically for distribution to school libraries. In August 2005, American Libraries reported that tobacco advertisements will be removed from school library editions of Time, Newsweek, People, and Sports Illustrated under an agreement between publishers, tobacco companies, and the state attorneys general. The action follows a similar agreement, reached in 2003, under which publishers provide classroom editions of magazines for schools, containing no tobacco advertising. An album or other volume containing specimens, usually of a commercial product such as cloth, yarn, leather, wood, wallpaper, or paint, from which the customer may make a selection.

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Manuscripts can be defined as a handwritten record of information. These are useful sources of information about the past which could be in the form of a letter, on leaves and barks of trees or scrolls. Palm leaf manuscripts made of dried palm leaves were commonly used in India.

Click here to see a chart of Approaches to Palmyra Atoll, with soundings in fathoms and here to see a chart of Boston Harbor with soundings in feet. A long sequence of lines addressed by an actor or actress, not to the other players on stage but directly to the audience, revealing private thoughts, feelings, or intentions. Perhaps the best known example is the “To Be or Not to Be” speech in Shakespeare’s Hamlet in which the protagonist expresses the personal dilemma posed by the unexpected allegation of murder made by his father’s ghost. A shorter speech intended to be inaudible to the other characters in a scene is an aside.

And out of the 1,564 scrolls, only 150 remained at the headquarters, and those were the 150 oldest scrolls, which were in the worst condition. What happened is on Kristallnacht the Nazis burned the Jewish synagogues in Bohemia and Moravia, which is today the Czech Republic. Somebody came and put out the fire, and the Torah scroll was salvaged from the fire. And many of the ones I looked at there were salvaged from this fire.

Constantinople was the one place with a continued tradition of copying and preserving ancient texts from antiquity through the Middle Ages. Some authors are understandably hesitant when it comes time to send their manuscript to publishing services with whom they have no prior relationship. Here at Rapido Books, we will never print a manuscript without the author’s consent. Copyright protection is important to us because it helps to protect the author from plagiarism. If you have physical documents that you would like to include in your book, it isn’t necessary to scan them or photograph them yourself.

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Simvastatin-loaded nanofibrous membrane efficiency IJN.

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The Committee on Publication Ethics recommends that researchers discuss authorship order from project initiation to manuscript submission, revising as necessary, and record each decision in writing. Furthermore, contributions could be quantified, such as based on a points system , to facilitate authorship decisions. The results section should clearly and succinctly present the experimental findings. Only results essential to establish the main points of the work should be included. For research articles, there is no limit to length or number of figures and tables for this section.

Mark Bland and David Gants are two important figures in this field, but many of their articles are discussed elsewhere on LIMA. Many of the Robbins manuscripts are significant in terms of the structure, organization, and liturgy of various religious orders; others are diocesan cartularies, conciliar canons and decrees, accounts of papal and regional church administration, and the like. In the fully gold open access journals – including Physical Review X, PRX Energy, PRX Quantum, PRResearch, and PRPER – all accepted articles are published open access under a CC-BY 4.0 International license, upon the payment of an APC. Authors of manuscripts that are sent for external review are directed, via email, to an online, interactive service to complete the needed “publication rights” agreement, such as the APS Transfer of Copyright agreement. While the agreement takes effect only when the manuscript is accepted for publication in a Physical Review journal, the prompt completion of this process prevents unnecessary processing delays. Accepted manuscripts are not forwarded to production until the journal is in receipt of the agreement.

Inside, you’ll find things that are one of a kind—the unpublished, unfiltered, and in some cases, still unfound. Much of the material in manuscript collections comes from actual closets. Peeking inside, the historian crosses over the line between the public and the private. They provide us the best chance we have to see the world as the people we write about did. However, if you submit the manuscript to a journal, chances are it will be sent to one or more peer reviewers for their thoughts. A peer reviewer is an expert in the field who reviews the document, by adding comments.

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When publishing papers that describe a new zoological taxon name, PLOS aims to comply with the requirements of theInternational Commission on Zoological Nomenclature . Effective 1 January 2012, the ICZN considers an online-only publication to be legitimate if it meets the criteria of archiving and is registered in ZooBank, the ICZN’s official registry. Enter this statement in the Financial Disclosure section of the submission form. In some cases authors may not be able to obtain accession numbers of DOIs until the manuscript is accepted; in these cases, the authors must provide these numbers at acceptance. In all other cases, these numbers must be provided at full submission. The RB/ML is the repository for all rare, unique, and otherwise valuable material, and for selected, valuable contemporary material in the University Library.

New options for posting a medRxiv preprint at PLOS – The Official PLOS Blog – Plos.org

New options for posting a medRxiv preprint at PLOS – The Official PLOS Blog.

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Review yourself well and then accept the good advice of others. Once that is done, feel assured that you will not regret the time you spent revising. The CreativeVietnam sion’s earliest chiefs vigorously solicited the collections of notable women who were involved in the suffrage and abolition campaigns. They also sought the papers of first ladies, of women who achieved various “firsts” in history, and of women who were pioneers in fields formerly restricted to men. Also obtained were the records of women’s voluntary associations and national reform and trade organizations founded and supported by women.

The Patient Permission form should be read and completed by the patient and included at the time of manuscript submission. The results of laboratory, pathologic, or radiographic tests are appropriate but clinical images are not. Authors of manuscripts based on clinical images should consult the instructions for Clinical Challenge. The highest-quality evidence (eg, randomized clinical trials, meta-analyses, systematic reviews, and high-quality prospective cohort studies) should receive the greatest emphasis. Clinical practice guidelines ordinarily should not be used as a primary component of the evidence base for the systematic review, although relevant guidelines should be addressed in the Discussion section of the article.

A technician merely acquiring data, a senior researcher only obtaining funding or providing supervision, a collaborator solely providing a new reagent or samples, and other research-related but non-creative tasks do not merit authorship on their own. These inCreativeVietnam duals and their contributions could be cited in an acknowledgments section instead. As a result, authors may share fame or infamy, depending on the validity of the work. The abstract should be clearly written and readily comprehensible to the broad readership of eNeuro.

A photographic image in which positive and negative tonal values have been reversed in some or all areas, usually as a result of prolonged overexposure . The term includes negatives and prints that exhibit the Sabattier effect caused by exposure to white light during darkroom development . SRRT publishes the quarterly SRRT Newsletter and is affiliated with the Alternative Press Center , which publishes of the Alternative Press Index. The spine of a book that lacks the raised bands produced by unrecessed sewing supports, not to be confused with the flat back of a book not rounded in the process of binding. Payment received by an author from his or her publisher, in which the per unit rate, usually calculated as a percentage of list price, increases with the number of copies sold.

This is the Haftarah, the Prophets’ portion read on the festival of Shemini Atzeret, what you refer to as the Last Great Day. It’s the Prayer of Solomon, and it says, “And it came to pass when Solomon finished to pray el Yehovah.” And there Yehovah is written with the full vowels. Here I am, Michael, at a place in London, and having the opportunity to go into this place was one of the greatest blessings of my life. The Memorial Scrolls CreativeVietnam was originally part of the Westminster synagogue in London, and after the Holocaust, there were 1,564 Torah scrolls that eventually arrived in London at the Memorial Scrolls CreativeVietnam .

In continental Europe, the exclamation mark (!) is used for the same purpose. An order shipped with one or more items lacking, usually because they were out of stock at the time the order was filled. The absent titles, known as shorts, are usually placed on back order to be shipped as soon as they become available. A sketch of an ensemble work in which the composer sets forth the main elements on a few staves, with the intention of elaborating the themes at some time in the future. In commercial papermaking, a tiny piece of incompletely cooked wood fibre in chemical pulp, sometimes visible as a small spot in the finished paper. An attempt by a computer user to open a data or program file currently in use in another application, an action that generates a message on the screen saying the file must be “closed” before it can be used in another application.

It is important not to be reliant on others, but the collection itself can happen quick and cheap. It is rather the structure and searchability of the archive that is important. And in that case, digital documents can be said to be obtained ‘just-in-time,’ with much fewer demands on the shape and form as long as it can be found in a reasonable time .

Statistical significance as shown by P-value, if accompanied by odds ratio and 95% confidence interval gives important information of direction and size of treatment effect. The measures of central tendencies should be followed by the appropriate measures of variability (mean and standard deviation; median and interquartile range). The interpretation of results solely based on bar diagrams or line graphs could be misleading, and a more complete data may be presented in the form of box plots or scatter plots. When comparing two groups, it is a good practice to mention the data pertaining to the study group followed by that of the control group and to maintain the same order throughout the section. No adjectives should be used while comparing, except for the statistical significance of the findings.

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In the case of regular submissions, in-house assistant editors will invite experts, including recommendations by an academic editor. These experts may also include Editorial Board Members and Guest Editors of the journal. Potential reviewers suggested by the authors may also be considered. Reviewers should not have published with any of the co-authors during the past five years and should not currently work or collaborate with any of the institutions of the co-authors of the submitted manuscript. During the submission process, please suggest three potential reviewers with the appropriate expertise to review the manuscript.

The construction of the Results section requires considerable thought. Depending on the study, some results may best be displayed in tabular or graphic form. For example, baseline demographics of patient groups are best placed in a table. The text can then be used to highlight crucial patient characteristics or differences between the groups rather than to completely reduplicate material in the table. The number of tables and figures will vary, depending on the subject, the journal, and the audience.

  • Also refers to the length of time a person performs a particular task before being relieved by the next person scheduled to do the same work.
  • All authors are required to complete and submit a Publishing Agreement that is part of the journal’s electronic Authorship Form.
  • While each essay addresses these issues of labor and laborers differently, all engage, if at times in a subterranean fashion, with the fact that digital manuscripts are inevitably shaped by workers and working conditions that manuscript scholars often do not see.
  • The Turfan Syriac manuscripts held in Berlin are available electronically at “Syrische Handscriften der Berliner Turfansammlung ”.

We hope that new reviewers and experienced reviewers alike benefit from this brief primer and make use of the accompanying review template. Although the primary beneficiaries will be new reviewers, we hope that even experienced reviewers will gain insights into what journal editors need from a review. We also hope that this article will be used by senior reviewers to advise young academic faculty on the review process.

Some collections may be a single folder containing a few letters while others can span hundreds of boxes containing thousands of documents. To improve the chances of your manuscript getting noticed and accepted, you should take care of all of the above aspects. Every journal has its own guidelines, so you should check the journal’s website to ensure your submission meets all the criteria. If as a first-time author you find this challenging, you can conduct a quick, comprehensive manuscript submission readiness check to polish your work before journal submission to avoid desk rejection and get published faster. If your manuscript involves multiple authors, it is important to include the names of all the co-authors along with their complete contact details and affiliations.

In recent years, however, archives have attracted the attention of anthropologists and historians of different denominations regarding them as historical objects and “grounding” them again in real institutions. Archives are considered to be collections of administrative, legal, commercial and other records or the actual place where they are located. They have become ubiquitous in the modern world, but emerged not much later than the invention of writing. The volume offers a number of case studies stretching across geophysical boundaries from Western Europe to South-East Asia, with a time span ranging from the second millennium BCE to the twentieth century CE. Codex Fejérváry-Mayer, all believed to have been produced before the Spanish conquest of the region.

Authors should err on the side of full disclosure and should contact the editorial office if they have questions or concerns. Written permission to include the names of inCreativeVietnam duals in the Acknowledgment section must be obtained. Each figure for the main article must be uploaded as a separate file. Online-only figures must be combined into the PDF of the online-only supplement (see Online-Only Supplements and Multimedia).

Although we provide this primer at risk of insulting our very-well-qualified reviewers, we designed it to be informative for reviewers at any point in their reviewing career. We hope the primer will serve as a good introduction to the review process for new reviewers and also will reinforce subtleties of the review process for experienced reviewers. In doing so, we hope to bring all reviews up to a high standard that is helpful to editors and instructive for authors. This page is a brief overview that aims to provide guidance for authors submitting manuscripts to Studies in Technology Enhanced Learning. One important aim is to reduce the amount of time and labour involved in producing the final journal issues, which will benefit authors, editors and reviewers alike. The Manuscripts Reading Room is the enquiry point for the Library’s western language manuscript collections (i.e. written by hand, not printed).

A SPIRIT schedule of enrollment, interventions, and assessments must be included as the manuscript’s Figure 1, and a completed SPIRIT checklist must be uploaded as Supporting Information file S1. A copy of the protocol that was approved by the ethics committee must be submitted as a supplementary information file. Please provide an addtional English translation if the original document is not in English.

Authors retain copyright to their articles under this license. Authors seeking to publish articles under the Creative Commons Attribution license should select this option when they are asked to complete the appropriate Publication Rights documentation. Accepted licensed articles will not be published until any applicable APC is paid in full. For accepted papers, information about the production status is available via a similar service maintained by the production vendor. A link to this service is provided on the manuscript status page.

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It allows scientists to share, discover and reuse up-to-date protocol knowledge. The platform provides specialist tools and guidance on how to add each element of the protocol, including the title, abstract, steps, files, links, reagents, measurements, formulae, videos, charts and more. Subjects must have been properly instructed and have indicated that they consent to participate by signing the appropriate informed consent paperwork.

Any secondary heading or title in a written work, intended to subCreativeVietnam de the text of a chapter or other major CreativeVietnam sion, usually printed in a smaller size of the typeface used for the main heading. In textbooks and long entries in reference books, subheads may be further subCreativeVietnam ded into sub-subheads indicated by an even smaller type size. A collaborative partnership between a library and one or more external departments, agencies, organizations, etc., for the mutual benefit of all the participants. Examples include mentoring relationships between undergraduate libraries and athletics programs; digitization projects involving libraries, archives, museums, and historical societies; and library events involving authors, sponsored in conjunction with local booksellers.

When potential sales of a new book are difficult to predict, the publisher may decide to bind an edition in batches over a period of years. The color or quality of the binding material and the lettering on the spine may differ slightly from one batch to another. To distinguish the primary binding from subsequent bindings, the order in which the batches were bound must be determined, if possible. In printing, a typeface or font that has the appearance of continuously flowing handwriting or calligraphy.

Send this information to the editorial office via email to Mary McDermott, MD, at However, researchers should realize that there are many factors well within their control that can determine the fate of their manuscripts—and these don’t always boil down to the quality of the research, but to how well-prepared the manuscript is for publication. Here we look at a few of the common problems of organization, content, and writing quality that lead to deferment or rejection of manuscripts by journal publishers. We will also give some advice for researchers about how to avoid these content and writing problems before submitting a manuscript to journal editors. Honorary authorship is given to an inCreativeVietnam dual despite a lack of substantial contributions to a research project.

In music publishing, a collection of songs, usually written by the same songwriter, performed by the same vocalist, or of the same genre or time period, offered for sale as a single unit . A gift of materials that the library or its parent institution wants and works to acquire, usually from the person who owns them, as distinct from an unsolicited gift that arrives unexpectedly. Because gift collections are often valuable, considerable time, effort, and legal expertise may be required to negotiate the transaction. Receipt of a solicited gift is often celebrated at a reception in honor of the donor, with appropriate media coverage and publicity for the institution. The materials may be housed separately or distinguished in some other way.

Our collections include historical, literary, political, scientific, and religious papers as well as maps, charters, seals, rolls, and papyri. Any in press articles cited within the references and necessary for the reviewers’ assessment of the manuscript should be made available if requested by the editorial office. “Peripheral Manuscripts will do just that and will serve as a model for similar consortial projects in other parts of the United States and Canada.” The project involves digitizing and cataloging 78 codices, or books, and 406 medieval manuscript fragments from a consortium of 22 Midwestern institutions, including IU Libraries’ Lilly Library.

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When you receive an invitation to peer review, you should be sent a copy of the paper’s abstract to help you decide whether you wish to do the review. Try to respond to invitations promptly – it will prevent delays. It is also important at this stage to declare any potential Conflict of Interest.

This issue has several perhaps mundane but important components. It is always best to sort out authorship before the manuscript is in its final stage of development because authorship order can be very contentious. The person who writes the article should be the first author; under unusual circumstances, an article may contain a statement that 2 authors contributed equally to the manuscript development and preparation.

The literature search should be as current as possible, ideally with end dates within a month or two before manuscript submission. A search of the primary literature should be conducted, including multiple bibliographic databases (eg, PubMed/MEDLINE, Embase, CINAHL, PsycINFO). This can be facilitated by collaborating with a medical librarian to help with the search. These manuscripts describe an important issue in clinical medicine, public health, health policy, or medical research in a scholarly, thorough, well-referenced, systematic, and evidence-based manner. Good scientific writing demands clarity, precision, and logical flow from one idea to the next.